Although the tracks from the EP De Anima were written a while ago, they are always hoping to fall on new ears. Add the tracks to your Spotify playlist, listen on ReverbNation, or purchase on iTunes.

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These tunes were written a while ago but are always hoping to fall on new ears.

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Counterpush was formed in 2002 when founding members Velardo Dala, Henry Chavarria, Mingo, and Gabriel Brooks were merely a SoCal cover band playing in bars from Downtown Pasadena to Newport Beach.

In 2004, Velardo enlisted the help of producer Dave Carlock to record the EP De Anima, which would provide the impetus for the band to shed its set list of 90s alternative cover songs and focus on their original material.

Unfortnately, as is the case with many creative endeavors, Counterpush lost it's drive and gradually fizzled out. Members got married, re-married, had kids, and life happened. So have we heard the last of Counterpush? Or does this band—or any of its former members—have anything left for a second verse?

Stay tuned… If there's one thing I know about these guys, when nature, societal pressures and even Father Time tries to push them out, they have a tendency to push back.